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The Oasis was created to help people feel comfortable and confident within themselves. To help heal their personal insecurities and to find inner peace within the soul or just a place where you can go to be alone to escape everyday life for a while. 

The Oasis is the ONLY SCALP SPA in Wilson County and I am thrilled to be able to share this amazing service with you.nd 


About the owner


April May French - owner/master stylist


The Oasis is a retreat I wanted to create for people that need healing. I have been in this industry for 25 years, trained under  celebrity and international educators to provide quality and customized looks. I have seen so many guests struggle with hair loss and stress dealing with life's crazy rollercoaster of issues and illness.

My goal is to help find balance between the two by offering specialty services that  promote healing and wellness for mind, body, and soul. I personally struggle with hair loss and understand the emotional struggle it can create when you dont feel confidant.  I also have a life story of rollercoaster issues where i have been led to help others through those struggles and give hope with spiritual guidance all my life.

I have 3 amazing children Erik, Brianna, and Jason. Married to my husband Tyler for 8 years and live each day like it is our last because he has Stage 4 Class D Systolic Heart failure. We have documented our journey on face book to encourage other young families with heart failure.

Please come visit us and experience our luxury scalp treatments to start the process to a more confident you!

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